Chartreuse of goose foie gras with ice wine served on quince puree


Recipe by Elmar Simon, Chef, Balthasar, Paderborn, Germany

Ingredients for 4 people

For the Chartreuses

1 small celeriac
2 small carrots
200 ml apple juice
4 strips of gelatine, softened

For the goose foie gras mousse
1 shallot, finely diced
20 g butter
½ apple, peeled and diced
250 ml poultry stock
200 g Caviar House goose foie gras, chilled
Red port
Salt, ground white pepper
80 g cream
8 strips of platinum gelatine, softened
150 g whipped cream
4 slices Caviar House black Perigord truffle

For the ice wine gelée
200 ml ice wine
3 strips of gelatine, softened

For the quince puree
2 medium-sized quinces
50 g sugar
15 g butter
½ laurel leaf
150 ml apple juice
Honey vinegar and sugar to season

For the garnish
Cranberry compote
Glazed pearl onions
Small truffle slices
Chervil leaves

How to prepare

Chartreuses: Chill four metal moulds, 7 cm in diameter and 4 cm high. Peel the celery and the carrots, cut them lengthways into thin slices then chop them into 1 cm wide, 4 cm high pieces and blanche them quickly in salted water. Heat the apple juice slightly and dissolve the pressed gelatine in it. Dip the ice-cold moulds in, chill and continue this process until a light coating of gelée is formed. Place alternate carrot and celery slices flush in the moulds, then put them back in the refrigerator.

Mousse: Sauté the diced shallots in the butter, add the diced apple, pour on the poultry stock and simmer until soft.
Cut four 1 cm slices of the goose foie gras, use a mould that is c. 3 cm in diameter to shape the rest and marinate in a little port with salt and pepper.
As soon as the apple mixture is soft, stir in the cream and the rest of the goose foie gras. Season with port, puree and press through a sieve. Dissolve the pressed gelatine in it and leave to cool. Then fold the whipped cream in carefully and season the mousse with salt, pepper and
port. Pour it into the moulds and leave to set in the refrigerator.
Heat the ice wine slightly and dissolve the pressed gelatine in it. Leave the mixture to cool, pour over the Chartreuses and then leave to cool again.

Quince puree: Dice the peeled fruits. Caramelise the sugar lightly, add the butter, diced quince and the laurel leaf then pour on the apple juice. Cover and cook the quinces on a medium heat until soft. Remove the laurel leaf, puree the quinces with a blender, press through a sieve, leave to cool and season with honey vinegar and perhaps a little sugar to make it sweet and sour.

Place the quince puree around the outside of the plates, remove the Chartreuses from the moulds and place them in the middle. Alternate cranberries and glazed onions around the outside. Garnish the onions with truffle slices and the cranberries with chervil leaves.