The caviar's world unveiled by the Caviar Blog


As passionate as expert, Peter G. Rebeiz invite his blog’s readers on to discover the finest dish formerly served only to the aristocracy: the Caviar. His articles will take you on a sensational journey around this delicacy from its glorious history and market place to a accurate vision of its future.

Peter G. Rebeiz describes himself as « a truly passionate lover of Caviar » that has been obsessed with the prestigious product since he was a child spending time with his father, Georges P. Rebeiz. Caviar House is its legacy but it has also become since the very beginning more than a company to work for. It has turned to be his own world, a world he loves to share with the largest number through his blog.

For several years, Peter G. Rebeiz has been a prominent actor in the heart of Caviar’s industry. He therefore knows all its secrets from the Tsars’s history to the trade with the Soviet Governments and the Iranian fisheries on the Caspian Sea. Moreover, he’s a creator always seeking to be in the vanguard of caviar’s production with his own Farmed Caviar Prunier from Bordeaux in France.

About all this knowledge and experience Peter G. Rebeiz has been writing since a long time: books and now a blog. This contemporary tool is almost designed for a man like him: modern, accessible from anywhere and highly interactive. The blog and its creator’s pen are a perfect match to share the untold history of the exotic and enchanted world of caviar.

The blog :