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Balik Side Gravlax Pre-sliced

Balik Side Gravlax Pre-sliced
€ 182.70
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Price per 100g: € 20.30

Gravlax literally means "buried salmon" and is a Scandinavian way of preparing salmon. Since the Middle Ages, the fishermen up north burried freshly caught salmon in the sand above the high-tide line in order to preserve it. The result was a slightly salted and fermented delicacy. Inspired by this ancient tradition, we adapted and interpreted this method, creating the Balik Side Gravlax.

After smoking and trimming, the Balik Side Classic is covered with a mixture salt, sugar and dried dill and left to marinate for at least one day in the cool. The Gravlax is then cut into thin slices and vacuum packed.

We recommend you to enjoy the Balik Side Gravlax with our delicious Balik mustard dill sauce, black bread and onion rings.

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