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Balik Side Classic

Balik Side Classic
€ 204.60
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Price per 100g: € 18.60

The whole side of a Balik salmon: the Classic!

With the help of Israel Kaplan, the purveyor to the last Russian tsar, Hans G. Kübel built the first oven to smoke salmon in the Toggenburg. A few weeks later, he introduced the Balik Side Classic to the gourmet scene of Switzerland. It was the first side of salmon that had already been parried, e.g. exempted of fishbones and smoking skin.

The carefully selected salmon (Salmo salar) is lightly smoked in our traditional smoking oven. Following smoking, the sides of salmon are trimmed by hand. The exquisite, distinctive aroma unfolds when the side of salmon is cut into thin slices. Each pack contains carving instructions and some serving suggestions, but we recommend topping the Balik salmon with just a few fresh ingredients, for example with some crème fraîche and freshly ground black pepper.

Traditional and authentic, served in one piece or pre-cut, the Balik Side Classic is an eye-catcher on any table. One Balik Side Classic results in ca. 40 slices.

All the pictures are only suggestions for serving.

Nutrition facts

  • Considered by most aficionados to be the best smoked salmon in the world, the Balik salmon traces its roots back to Imperial Russia, where the art of fine dining and its quality reached unprecedented levels among the Russian aristocracy.

    For decades, Balik salmon was all but forgotten, until Hans Gerd Kübel had a chance meeting with the grandson of the Imperial Court smoker, Israel Kaplan. The two embarked on a challenge to recreate the original smoke ovens as they existed in the days of the Imperial Russia.

    The location they chose a 300 year-old farmhouse in the heart of the Swiss Alps was selected not only for its pure groundwater, but also for the quality of the wood in its forests and its altitude which influences the smoking process. In 1978 the first production of Balik salmon was presented to the elite of Swiss gastronomes and created an absolute sensation.

    In 1984, Peter G. Rebeiz, the president of Caviar House, experienced Balik salmon for the first time and contacted Mr. Kübel. As a result of this encounter, Caviar House became the proprietor of Balik and it is with great pride that, today, Caviar House & Prunier continues the tradition of the famous Balik salmon to the same standard as that produced by the Imperial Court of Tsar Nicolas II.
  • If any smokery of salmon has ever shaken the world of smoked salmon it is without doubt the Balik Smokery in the Swiss Alps. Introducing for the first time ever in 1978 the Fillet of smoked salmon (Fillet Tsar Nicolaj) Balik introduced to the world a complete new manner of Salmon consumption and preparation originating from a 150 year old recipe used by the Imperial court of Russia.

    25 steps constitute the unique Know-How to produce the original Balik Salmon, which also constitutes on of the best-guarded secrets within our company. We can therefore with great ease claim that the over 300 copies of our products we have identified does not even come close to the original in terms of flavor, color and substance.